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Don’t Even Think About Re-Roofing Your Own Home – Here’s Why

Don't Even Think About Re-Roofing Your Own Home – Here's Why

Unless you are a professional roofer, do not think about re-roofing your home. It is a job that is best left to professionals. Here are four reasons why.


You could damage your roof and wind up paying more for repairs.

Re-roofing your home may seem easy to save money, but it can quickly lead to costly outcomes. With proper knowledge of re-roofing techniques and an understanding of the various materials available, re-roofing could result in inexpensive mistakes and further damage your roof. It’s best to leave re-roofing jobs to professionals trained in exemplary safety practices, know which materials work best for different roofs, and learn how to install shingles or other coverings properly.


Trust a professional with re-roofing needs for fewer risks and less worry.


You might need help getting a warranty on your new roof.

Re-roofing your own home is risky and could save you money in the short run, but it may cost you dearly in the long run. With professional installation done by certified roofers, your re-roofing might meet local building code requirements. Even if it does pass inspection, there’s no guarantee your re-roofing job will last as long as a professional job – re-roofing is an exact science that requires years of experience and training to perfect.


Furthermore, most manufacturers won’t warranty their materials unless installed by a professional, leaving you without any recourse should something fail shortly after installation. So ultimately, re-roofing your home only serves to put yourself at risk with little benefit; instead of re-roofing on your own, leave it up to the professionals who can ensure quality results that last.

It can be dangerous – roofs can be slippery.

Re-roofing your own home can be dangerous and should be generally avoided. Roofs are very slick surfaces, and not only can they lead to injury, but it is easy for the re-roofer to make mistakes when re-roofing. In addition, re-roofing takes time and tools that ordinary citizens may need access to or feel comfortable handling.


Moreover, re-roofing requires an understanding of building codes – something that someone untrained would need to understand. When considering a re-roofing job, hiring a professional roofer with specific experience in re-roofing and relevant certifications is best.


You won’t save as much money as you think by doing it yourself.

Re-roofing your own home shouldn’t even enter into consideration. Even if it seems like a cost-effective solution, there are myriad reasons why re-roofing yourself should be avoided. Aside from the safety considerations, re-roofing is an incredibly laborious and time-consuming process that requires technical knowledge most homeowners don’t possess – not to mention more than just essential tools.


Slippery surfaces and heavy equipment pose real dangers to the amateur roofer, and re-roofers can quickly cause costly damage to their homes if they don’t know what they’re doing. Repairing these mistakes can be very expensive, so re-roofers should invest in reputable professionals to ensure that the job is done correctly without any danger or damage!


Re-roofing your home is a complex and dangerous job that professional roofers should only undertake. Trying to do it yourself will likely cost you more in the long run, either in repairs or voiding your new roof’s warranty. It’s simply not worth the risk! If you need a new roof, call our experts, who will take care of everything for you quickly and efficiently. Don’t try to re-roof your own home – let the professionals handle it!


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