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About Us

Thank you for choosing Citywide Roofing & Remodelling, a trusted name in home renovation.

We have extensive experience with beautiful paving, HVAC installations, windows, doors and everything in between. If you live in California and need updates to your home, there is no better name to call than Citywide Roofing. We can always help.

We are dedicated to the environment.

Being environmentally friendly is not only a responsible thing to do, but these days, its also friendly to your wallet. Reducing long term energy costs for you and your family is what we do best. Each renovation we commit to, is always as environmentally friendly as possible. We closely adhere to environmental codes, and even surpass those expectations wherever possible. If your looking for a company knowledgable in environmentally smart contracting, you’re in the right place.

What to expect when hiring Citywide Roofing & Remodelling

Simplicity & Beauty

The needs and plans for your project will be clear and easy to follow. No hidden costs, no confused plans. Just beautifully designed projects implemented right.

High Quality

Not only in materials, but in craftsmanship as well. High quality materials and expert installation methods is how we stay above the competition. We will have your project looking amazing for years to come.

No Missed Deadlines

Projects have timelines for a reason. Your home should be ready to live in as soon as possible. We make all of our timelines very clear, and work diligently to get your home looking the way you envisioned, meeting every deadline along the way.


Budgeting is the number one factor when it comes to home projects. When budgets are tight, we do not push, we help. We offer no-hassel financing that gives you the breathing room you need to feel great about your home project.

We always offer zero-hassle financing.

$0 Down Payment.

We Help With Tax Deductions & Rebates

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